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Digital billboards are a game-changer in the out-of-home advertising industry. They allow for unprecedented flexibility, vibrancy and real time messaging. Like all types of outdoor advertising, they are effective, affordable and drive online interaction, which is key to strengthening any marketing campaign.

Our digital billboard, in Belmont, NH, has technology that allows your message to be customized in a variety of ways. Here are some benefits you can take advantage of, at no extra cost!

  • QUICK TURNAROUND: Once we have your artwork, we can upload it in a matter of hours.
  • QUICK CHANGE: Need to update your message? Not a problem, send over a new file and we’ll load it up and go live quickly.
  • MULTIPLE MESSAGES: Run multiple creatives to keep your audience engaged. We can set up triggers to display certain messages at certain times or conditions. More on that below!
  • HIGH QUALITY: Our screen displays rich, crisp and vibrant images. Supply a high-resolution creative file and your ad will be crisp and clean.

Digital boards also offer some unique opportunities to take your message to the next level. Expand beyond static ads and incorporate eye-catching features like time and temp, weather, countdowns, wait times, RSS feeds and more. Scheduling dynamic and conditional content helps to create more successful advertising campaigns, which results in a better return on investment.

Dynamic Content is an interactive feature unique to digital billboards. This feature allows you to utilize functions such as countdowns, time and temperature, or load RSS feeds.

  • TIME & TEMP: Display a local time and temperature. Communicating current information to customers keeps them interested.
  • COUNTDOWNS: Advertisers can put a countdown function on an ad about an upcoming sale or event. This works well with Holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day and events like Back to School or Summer Break.
  • RSS FEEDS: Load an RSS feed to display up to date information. Think items like lottery jackpots, ER wait times, stock market movements, sports team scores or ski conditions. Adding RSS feed data keeps the content timely and relevant.

Conditional Content allows advertisers to take the dynamic functions like temperature and data feeds and establish certain triggers to cue very specific content. This allows the advertiser to be in control of how and when their messages can be displayed for the most effective impact.

For example, when temperatures soar above a certain degree, ads showing half-priced iced tea or ice cream will display. When temperatures dip below a certain level, ads for free hot coffee or hot chocolate with a purchase pop up.

Game-changer: conditional digital billboard example

Another scenario would be that when the weather is hot or sunny, ad images can promote sunglasses or sunscreen. On a rainy day, ad images can change to sales on umbrellas, wind shield wipers or rain boots.

Game-changer: conditional digital billboard example

Getting your messages out there in a flexible, responsive way helps reach target audiences better and in a memorable way. There are so many fun examples you’ll find on the web if you query “dynamic billboard content”. So, get creative and see how you can maximize your ad exposure using the content options on our Belmont digital billboard to make your ad more effective!

As always, we are happy to answer any questions or chat about how our advertising possibilities can help your business succeed. CONTACT US TODAY

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