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In our digital world, we are used to lightning-fast speeds of information emblazoned onto our faces daily. We consume so much content from our digital screens, it’s enough to kill a cow! Especially right now, we’ve all had our fill with online meetings, online schooling, online dating, online everything…most of us have digital device burn out and online ads have become white noise.

It’s time to use your marketing dollars wisely and switch up your efforts to go OUTSIDE! Meet consumers where they are, which will be anywhere but at home or online. People are longing to get out of the home! Outdoor advertising or Out-of-home advertising (OOH) is the process of reaching consumers while they are, well, out of their homes. People are back out and about doing anything from commuting, working, adventuring, traveling, and looking for out of home activities while gobbling up information in the real world.

OOH Advertising drives consumer action in the real world. According to the Out-of-Home Advertising Association of America, the gold standard of OOH reporting:

  • 66% of smartphone users took action after interacting with an out-of-home advertisement.
  • 83% of drivers are noticing OOH.
  • More than 40% searched for a brand online after seeing an OOH ad.
  • 74% of those who visited a business after interacting with an out-of-home advertisement made a purchase.
  • 20% of those who saw a directional OOH ad immediately visited the advertised business.
  • Adults ages 16 – 34 is the demographic most engaged with OOH advertising.
  • Consumers (particularly Gen Z and Millennials) report noticing OOH “much more,” showing a 5% increase in interest since last September. The messages are not lost on the general adult population either; about one-quarter of the general public report learning of a new brands or businesses through OOH.
  • Not surprisingly, the combination of pandemic and current events has increased interest in public health and security messages. 71% of consumers say they have been comforted and informed by OOH that focuses on public safety measures.
  • Meantime, 82% of Gen Z respondents indicated a longing for outdoor dining options, and 78% of Millennials are seeking safe outdoor activities.

Pretty amazing statistics, wouldn’t you say? Adding OOH to your campaign strategy playbook will heighten the opportunity for exposure.




Now, in planning and executing OOH advertising media, most of them are physical printed goods. So, it’s not hitting a button to upload to a screen. Yes, we have digital boards, so that statement is true there, but all the rest of OOH is printed by humans. Once you have your campaign settled and amazing artwork created, we will proof, then print and finish. Once ready, the signs, wraps, and billboard vinyl will be installed by, again, a real human. So, point being is traditional media takes a little more time than pushing a button. But, as you can see by the amazing stats above, it is well worth the wait. Your message will be received with open arms by your consumers. Just like they were waiting for you to talk to them.


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Bus Shelter Advertising
Bus shelter signs put your brand right in front of consumers, grabbing their attention while they walk, shop or wait for the bus, and of course, are highly visible to traffic on the street.

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